62nd Ave NE Corridor Improvements

Staff Contact

John Vicente
Capital Projects Manager
(425) 398-8900
Current Status:

Design Start:  July 2015
Construction Start:  2017

The design for the project has started in the area. The City has collected its data for the project and is currently reviewing that data and will be working towards a preliminary design for the project. After further review of the available data and review of the project site, the City will be focusing the improvements along the east side of 62nd Ave NE. It is felt that the level of effort to construct improvements along the west side of 62nd Ave NE is greater than on the east side. Once the City has completed its preliminary design, the City will host an open house so that residents may have an opportunity to comment on the proposed plan.



The project is located on a local road that accesses highway 522. The street is posted for 25 MPH, but the 85th percentile speed is about 32 MPH. Average Daily traffic (ADT) on this roadway is over 1,000 vehicles per day. This project is designed to enhance pedestrian safety and mobility along the 62nd Avenue NE Corridor, where a pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle in 2013.


Project Description:

This project will enhance mobility and safety by installing a sidewalk (on the east side of the street) and up to three traffic circles on 62nd Avenue NE from SR 522 to NE 187th Street. Sharrows (striping identifying shared use lanes between bicycles and vehicles) will be added to the roadway within project limits for an improved bicycle facility.



The City has received a Highway Safety Improvement Program grant in the amount of $813,200 for this project. Total project cost for this project is estimated to be $828,000.


Last updated: Fri, 01/13/2017 - 3:51pm