Current Projects

2018 Asphalt Overlay Program

The project will improve sections of NE Arrowhead Drive/67th Ave NE and 84th Ave NE with an asphalt overlay.

62nd Avenue NE Corridor Improvements

The project provides enhanced pedestrian safety and mobility on 62nd Avenue NE that accesses highway 522.


62nd Avenue NE Roundabouts (NE 196th and 197th Streets)

The project provides new mini-roundabouts at the intersections of 62nd Avenue with 196th and 197th Streets. The project was a result of the City's Neighborhood Transportation Plan program (NTPP) and was funded by the City Council in the 2015-2016 budget.


Athletic Field Proposal at Saint Edward State Park

The City proposal to improve the existing athletic fields at Saint Edward State Park.


Downtown Development Project

Kenmore Village is a 9.6-acre property located in the heart of downtown Kenmore. The City is making progress in implementing the community's vision of Kenmore Village as a walkable place with a public square where Kenmore-area residents and workers can meet their daily needs and see one another face-to-face.


Invasive Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan 

The City received a Water Quality Aquatic Invasive Plant Species Grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology for the development of an Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan (IAVMP) that addresses invasive freshwater plants which are negatively impacting our waters.


Lakepointe Development

The Lakepointe project is a proposal for a mixed-use development, which will be built in phases on approximately 45 acres on Lake Washington where the Sammamish River enters the lake.


Lodge at Saint Edward

Daniels Real Estate (Applicant) has submitted an application and is working with the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission (Property Owner) and the City of Kenmore to preserve and rehabilitate the historic Saint Edwards Seminary Building. The Seminary Building is listed on the Washington Heritage Register and the National Register of Historic Places, intended to preserve the historic integrity of the building. Preservation of the historic integrity of the Seminary Building will be a key component of the overall project review.


Moorlands Park Improvements

This project provides a ballfield renovation, new picnic shelter, perimeter path and play area upgrades.


NE 153rd Place - Safe Routes to School

This project provides a safe, comfortable pedestrian facility along NE 153rd Place for children and the general public to access Arrowhead Elementary School.  


NE 181st Street Sidewalk Improvements (65th Avenue NE - 67th Avenue NE)

The project will provide a safe, comfortable pedestrian facility within downtown amenities along the north side of NE 181st Street between 65th Avenue NE and 67th Avenue NE.


NE 192nd Street Culvert Replacement Project

This project replaced an existing small culvert it with a new fish-passable box culvert to eliminate flooding caused by Little Swamp Creek at NE 192nd Street.


NE 202nd Street - Street Safe Routes to School

This project provides the installation of ADA compliant sidewalk, pedestrian crossing and intersection reconfiguration along NE 202nd Street, in the vicinity of Kenmore Junior High School.


Rhododendron Park Boarding Float

This project, a part of the larger Walkways and Waterways Initiative, provides the Rhododendron Park waterfront (adjacent to the Kenmore Boat Launch) with a new float.

Rhododendron Park Boathouse

This project will provide storage for rowing shells and is intended to support both public and Northshore School District rowing programs.


Squire's Landing Float Replacement Project

This project, a part of the larger Walkways and Waterways Initiative, provides the Squire's Landing waterfront with a new float.


SR 522 West A Improvements Project (61st to 65th Avenues)

This project provides improvements along SR 522 between 61st and 65th Avenues NE  to increase safety, improve transit reliability, and ease congestion are complete as of September 2016.


SR 522 West B Improvements Project (57th to 61st Avenues)

Design will resume in 2019 to complete improvements along SR 522 between 57th and 61st Avenues NE to increase safety, improve transit reliability, and ease congestion on the west end of the city.


Twin Springs Park Project

The 25-acre Twin Springs Park site was acquired by the City of Kenmore in 2016 from King County to be used for a public park and open space site.  The park is located on the east side of 80th Avenue NE between NE 192nd and 195th Streets. Twin Springs Park is recognized as an ecologically rich site with wetlands, steep slopes, and existing forest. 


Walkways & Waterways Improvements

The Walkways & Waterways proposed bond measure is the result of the City's "Imagine Kenmore" public outreach initiative. This initiative began in the summer of 2015 and included a number of public meetings, online interactive methods, and other outreach to solicit public input on priorities for pedestrian and cyclist safety and park improvements. Through this community engagement process, Kenmore residents confirmed that sidewalks and bike lanes on major roads and connecting to the City's public waterfront are top priorities.


West Sammamish River Bridge

The City began the design of the new bridge in May 2015.  Design will take approximately 2 years as the City secures the necessary permits, right of way, and prepares the plans and specifications. Construction is expected to begin in Spring 2019, pending availability of funding.


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