Lodge at Saint Edward

Daniels Real Estate (Applicant) is working with the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission (Property Owner) and the City of Kenmore to preserve and rehabilitate the historic Saint Edwards Seminary Building. The Seminary Building is listed on the Washington Heritage Register and the National Register of Historic Places, intended to preserve the historic integrity of the building. Preservation of the historic integrity of the Seminary Building will be a key component of the overall project review. The proposed project would involve rehabilitation of the existing Saint Edward Seminary Building for use as a lodge-type hotel. The interior of the Seminary Building would be rehabilitated to accommodate approximately 80-100 guest rooms, meeting rooms, wellness spa, and a restaurant and café. Vehicular access to the Seminary Building will be provided by the existing state park access roadway (NE 145th Street), which intersects Juanita Drive NE. On-site parking for the Seminary Building will be provided for guests and employees of the lodge. In addition, the existing surface parking areas adjacent to the Seminary Building will be improved for park users. Any parking spaces displaced by the rehabilitation will be replaced; no net loss of parking for the general public will occur. The proposed project will require the lease of an approximately 5.5-acre area of Saint Edward State Park from the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission (State Parks). The area of the lease will include the Seminary Building, an existing pool, an existing gymnasium, open space south of the pool building, and surface parking. No changes are proposed to the pool or the gymnasium. More information about the lease is available on State Park's website: http://parks.state.wa.us/857/Saint-Edward-Planning---Seminary

Current Status of City Process  Updated 1/11/19

The restoration of Saint Edward Seminary is underway.  The City of Kenmore has completed the permitting process for the future 81-room lodge and associated public amenities including casual, restaurant dining and a wellness spa.  We will share The Lodge construction updates when possible, but encourage you to visit their project website at:  www.thelodgeatstedward.com and follow on their Facebook Page (@SaintEdwardStatePark) here.


Dates and Milestones




Application filed (Exhibit 1)


Application determined complete pursuant to KMC 19.25.050 (Exhibit 2)


Issuance of Determination of Significance (DS) and Request for Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Scoping Comments (Exhibit 3)


Review agency and public comments, define EIS scope


EIS Scoping Information Session Notification (Exhibit 4)


EIS Scoping information session held


21 day scoping comment period ends


Notice of Public Hearing, Notice of Action and Draft EIS (DEIS) issued (Exhibit 5)


Public meeting held


Public comment period extended to 11/18/2016 (Exhibit 6)


Public comment period ends


Notice of Final EIS (FEIS) issued (Exhibit 7)


FEIS Addendum Issued and Appeal Period Extended 14 days


SEPA Appealed. You can view the appeal document here.



Appeal Hearing and Public Hearing at 9:00 a.m.

Continuation of Appeal Hearing at 9:30 a.m.

3/24/2017 SEPA Appeal denied
3/24/2017 Hearing Examiner Recommendation issued. You can view the Recommendation here.
3/31/2017 Kenmore City Attorney Statement issued
4/17/2017 City Council unanimously approved the project by passing Ordinance No. 17-0437 with an amendment
8/13/18 Building Permits Issued


Environmental Review

An environmental review was conducted pursuant to the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). The City is the SEPA Nominal Lead Agency for the project consistent with a SEPA Lead Agency Agreement between the City and State Parks.

A Determination of Significance was issued by the City on July 12, 2016, initiating the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process.


Site Plan Review

A Site Plan application for the Lodge at Saint Edward has been filed with the City of Kenmore. Review of the Site Plan includes an initial public comment period (combined with the EIS scoping period), a public hearing before the Hearing Examiner, and subsequent Hearing Examiner recommendation to the City Council. The City Council makes the final decision on the Site Plan application. An opportunity for public comment on the Site Plan application was conducted before the Hearing Examiner on March 1 & 2, 2017. The record is now closed. 


Project documents

Washington State Parks Saint Edward Seminary Planning and Lease



Bryan Hampson, City of Kenmore

Phone: 425-398-8900

Email: permittech@kenmorewa.gov


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