Adoption Programs

Adoption programs of public areas allow residents, groups, and local businesses to care for a specific park or street.  These individuals or businesses will sign an agreement for a 2-year timeframe and agree to identify an onsite leader in their group to represent them and attend a required City volunteer training and orientation. Click here to fill out a volunteer intake form.


Adopt a Street

Businesses or groups are invited to adopt a street to enhance roadside and neighborhood appearance.  Local roadways that have adequate sidewalks and shoulders and are located within the City limits of Kenmore are included in this program.  Adopters agree to pick up trash and adhere to all Adopt a Street procedures and policies.  The City provides garbage collection equipment, volunteer vests, gloves, signage, etc.  Groups schedule clean-up dates with the City and reserve the Adopt a Street Kit for check out and use at their event.  A sign recognizing the adopting group our business will be listed on an Adopt a Street sign that is placed at the adopted street location.

Adopt a Park

Residents, businesses, and non-profit groups are invited to adopt a park and help to keep these treasured public lands healthy, clean, and accessible for the community to enjoy.  Adopters agree to a 2-year term to lead a clean-up event at their adopted park for a minimum of 2 times per year.  Tasks may include trash pick-up and weeding.  The City provides a scope of work, equipment, and support services such as debris and trash pick-up.  In recognition of adopting a park, the City will provide a sign to be posted within the park recognizing the group or business that adopted the park.



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