Arrowhead Drive Curve Project

Staff Contact

Brett Schock
Traffic Engineer
(425) 398-8900

Current Status:

Work is anticipated to begin 4/10/17. The curve will be closed during the construction and is anticipated to remain closed for up to a week. Please follow the posted detour (NE 154th Street) provided during construction. Local access to driveways near or in the construction site will be maintained by the contractor. Weather permitting, the project may be completed in less than a week.



The project was a result of the City's Neighborhood Transportation Plan program and was originally funded in the 2015-16 budget. The project was identified and developed in collaboration with the "Green South" neighborhood. The project was delayed to early 2017 to seek more favorable pricing.



The project will add pavement to the east shoulder of the Arrowhead Drive "curve", located 350' north of NE 154th Street. The additional shoulder pavement will allow for the creation of a wider pedestrian path on the west side of Arrowhead, connecting to the curb-protected walkway south of this location. The new walkway will be delineated by a wide edge stripe and reflective raised pavement markers. Iron Creek Construction LLC will be performing the work on behalf of the City.


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