Rhododendron Park Boathouse

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Current Status

On January 14, 2019, City Council authorized staff to proceed with design, permits and construction of a 40’x70 boathouse.


Description: The 40’x70’ steel structure will provide an enclosed storage area for 20 rowing shells. The building will sit on a concrete pad and include a small second story area for exercise machines, meeting and coach space.


Background: In 2017, the City of Kenmore completed a walkway across Rhododendron Park’s wetland, a new boarding float on the river and improved parking facilities. These improvements support water access for a variety of hand-carried watercraft. Construction of this boathouse to store rowing shells is intended to support both public and Northshore School District rowing programs.


Funding: Available funding totals $1,111,000. $242,500 was approved by State Legislature in 2017 for design and permit costs. Northshore School District proposes to contribute $250,000 for interior improvements such as stairs, lift and upper floor. $611,000 in King County Youth and Amateur Sports funding is anticipated and $7,500 in City funds is budgeted to fund the balance of this project.


Construction of the boathouse is anticipated in 2020, with operations beginning in spring of 2021.


Boathouse Operations: Day-to-day operations are anticipated to be provided by a nonprofit organization experienced in rowing program and boathouse management. In cooperation with the Northshore School District, an agreement to provide these services is anticipated in 2019.


Other Construction:

Northshore Utility District has completed its sewer relocation work in preparation for the 68th Avenue bridge replacement project. The Rhododendron Park waterfront is opened in April to normal use until the bridge construction project begins.


Construction of the new two-lane southbound bridge with a separated bike/pedestrian path anticipated to occur from 2020 through 2023. During bridge construction, access to the Rhododendron Park waterfront will only be available from the east side of 68th; the underpass to the Kenmore boat ramp will be closed for the duration of the bridge replacement work.

Phase 1 Boathouse Concept, Site Plan, Future Boathouse Concept



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