Driver Safety

Help make Kenmore a safe place for pedestrians and bicyclists by following the rules of the road and the safety tips below.


As a driver, you have many responsibilities due to the impact a car can have on others' lives. Avoid distractions such as texting, calling, eating, attending to others, grooming, searching for items while driving, as serious or deadly accidents may occur.


Driver facts:
  • Fortunately, Washington state has the highest seat-belt wearing rate at 97.5 in 2011. Let's keep it that way! Make sure that everyone has buckled up before starting the car (consider telling younger kids the car won't start otherwise).
  • The 100 deadliest days for teen driving occur during summer break. After your teens receive their license, continue to drive with them, and make sure they use their seat belt and do not use their phone.
  • Multitasking is not possible. Being able to text and drive are both thinking tasks, which means you simply shift your attention very frequently between two activities. Additionally, talking on the phone is not similar to talking to someone in the car, because compared to a cell phone conversation, talking to a passenger means there is another pair of eyes and ears on the road.
  • In the state of Washington, hand-held phones, and texting are banned for all drivers, and all types of cell phones are banned for drivers with learner permits and intermediate license holders. It is a primary offense¸ as in you could be pulled over purely for using a cell phone. Lastly, this offense is $124 for first-time offenders. If there are others in the car, they can use the phone for you. Alternatively, simply silence the phone and place it away (better yet, behind your seat where you cannot reach it). On certain phones, you can change your settings to "do not disturb" as well.


Driver safety and pedestrians:
  • In the state of Washington, you must give pedestrians the right-of-way at marked and unmarked intersections.
  • Yield to people in the crosswalk, regardless of where they are on the road (i.e. halfway through intersection). Failure to yield may result in a $124 fine. Crosswalk law described
  • When driving in neighborhoods and school zones, be extra wary as children may bolt onto the street. Please follow the reduced speed signs.


Driver safety and bicyclists:
  • Drivers and bicyclists share the road equally. Bicycles are considered "vehicles" under Washington law and are allowed to ride in the middle of a lane.
  • Please watch for bicyclists and pedestrians while making turns, exiting driveways and parking lots, and opening your car door on on-street parking. Look twice! Bicyclists may be on the right side of the road.
  • Bicyclists may choose to ride on the bike path, bike lane, shoulder or travel lane as suits their safety needs.


Driver safety and children:
  • Is your kid getting too big for a booster seat? Find out if it is time to be using the seat belt!
  • NEVER LEAVE A CHILD OR PET ALONE IN A CAR, NOT EVEN FOR A MINUTE. Children and pets may become a victim of a heatstroke, kidnapping, or accidentally rolling the vehicle away. In the state of Washington, it is not illegal to leave children and pets in a parked vehicle, but it is highly frowned upon.


Useful links for drivers:

Washington State Driver Guide


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