Kenmore City Council Decides to End St. Edward Ballfield Renovations


February 11, 2020

Kenmore, WA – More than 100 community members attended the February 3, 2020 Kenmore City Council meeting to decide next steps for the SEPA environmental process of the St. Edward Ballfield Renovation Project. After hearing comments and discussing options, the Kenmore City Council voted to stop funding on the environmental review process, effectively ending the renovation project.

The first phase of the environmental impact statement (EIS) scoping process narrowed the focus of the EIS analysis to significant environmental issues, identified reasonable alternatives, and invited public participation. State Parks was the lead agency for this process and consultant costs were reimbursed by the City.

Before proceeding with Phase 2 of the EIS process and incurring additional costs, the City Council considered potential options including: 1) continuing with the EIS process; 2) reducing the number of alternatives (e.g. turf or lighting) considered in the EIS; or 3) stopping any further expenditures on the project.

Forty public comments, which included a range of opinions and support for all three options, were considered along with the EIS findings. Before Council took action, councilmembers thanked all participants for feedback and provided reasoning when measuring the outcomes for each option. Councilmember Curtis made a motion in favor of the third option, stopping funding on the EIS. Councilmember Pfeil seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-3.

“The City of Kenmore is committed to balancing financial responsibilities with the community’s facilities needs and protecting our environment, which can sometimes lead to tough decisions about projects,” said Mayor David Baker. “We are grateful to the many people who commented at the February 3 City Council meeting and to everyone who has been interested in this project.”

The review and decision on a permit application to reduce the wetland buffer and renovate the field was on hold pending the outcome of the EIS. Based on Council action, the EIS process will not continue and the permit application will be withdrawn.

The City of Kenmore is committed to providing and developing more land for active recreation activities, a goal identified in the City’s Park, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan. The City will continue to explore other sites and partnerships to expand athletic field capacity.

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