Message from Mayor David Baker - Winter Weather

Thank you Kenmore community for being so patient and supportive during this very unusual winter weather! Our Public Works* crews and Kenmore Police have been working around the clock cleaning roads and responding to incidents to keep our community safe. Your kind waves and smiles to them out on the streets go a long way! The bright side? We’ve seen and heard how families are enjoying time with each other. Neighbors are coming together to help each other.

I’ve been delighted to see so many people out walking, and it’s been fun to observe how this situation creates the opportunity to strike up conversations with people you meet on the street. Our community has always been great about taking care of each other and this storm is no different. And, our beautiful parks, trees, and lake views are even more spectacular when blanketed in this winter wonderland. We’ve also seen Kenmore’s creative side with some fun snow sculptures, including a really cool looking fish on 153rd Street.

With snow in the forecast for tonight and the next few days, we’re all asking, when is this going to end? This prolonged and unusual snow event is definitely frustrating when the road conditions make it difficult to go to work or get groceries. Not to mention garbage service, mail delivery, and school closures.

The other members of the City Council and I have been working closely with Rob Karlinsey, our City Manager, who oversees day-to-day operations of our city government. As we prepare for more snowfall tonight or tomorrow, Rob and his Public Works crew would like us to remember a few things:

In these last few days, they have been running five trucks, 24 hours a day, and have plowed/sanded all Priority 1 streets multiple times. This schedule will continue into the next few days as snow continues to fall. They also made it to many Priority 2 and 3 roads and will continue to plow as many streets as possible.

However, with each wave of new snow, the crew needs to start over and focus on Priority 1 streets.

We are getting a lot of requests for roads to be sanded. Our crew continues to sand, but will stop doing so when it starts snowing again (materials and effort are wasted once snow accumulates on top). Sanding can resume when the roads are plowed and new snow accumulation is not imminent.

Sometimes we get asked why some residential streets get plowed sooner than others. The answer is that we do follow the priority route map (, but some residential streets are too steep and slippery even for our snow plow trucks. Quite often a truck will be plowing a residential street and will be pulled away due to unexpected incidents elsewhere or changing weather conditions.

So, while we have five plows out working as fast as they can around the clock, their overall progress and what residential streets get plowed and when, is not as predictable as we would like.

Arterial roads consume a lot of our crew’s attention. Did you know the City is responsible for plowing Bothell Way (SR 522) through Kenmore? Keeping this stretch of state highway clear of snow and ice is no small chore.
This adventure is not over, but as they say, this too shall pass. Please hunker down with us and hang in there! Please stay off the roads as much as possible. If you MUST drive, take it slow. Continue checking in on your neighbors! Maybe you’ll make a new friend or even meet a new neighbor. Lastly, enjoy the beauty of the snow—it will be gone before we know it.

David Baker
Mayor, City of Kenmore

Last updated: Sun, 02/10/2019 - 7:47pm