Snow Impacts - Please Stay Off Roads if Possible

Updated 2:00pm, Wednesday, February 6th

Public Works continues to work on priority roads.  Sanding trucks were scheduled this morning to be on both 61st Ave NE and Juanita sometime today.  We are getting multiple calls and requests for roads to be plowed and treated. Unfortunately, we are still working on priority roads and it is not likely that Priority 2 and 3 roads will be treated during this weather incident.  We are faced with limited equipment and materials, as the entire region is utilizing resources. Between city owned resources and our interlocal contract with Northshore Utility District, we have 4 plows and one truck with a deicer.  Crews are also out deploying sand by hand.


UPDATED 10:00am, Tuesday, February 5th

522 is in pretty good shape. Juanita and Simonds are better than yesterday, but they might start to worsen as the day progresses and ice compacts, so avoid those hills if you can.

Public Works continues to work issues, treat roads, and snowplow in priority order. We know it's frustrating in neighborhoods, but our crews are working hard and just can't get to everyone! Additionally, materials used to treat roads are in short supply across the region.  Our crews have to use treatment materials sparingly, as they are unsure of the timing of future loads. 


7:00am, Tuesday, February 5th

Schools remained closed again this morning and Republic Services has suspended service again today.  Metro bus route 244 through Kenmore will not be running this morning and we encourage you to check Metro's page to find all bus route adjustments. Public Works salted and sanded roads last night and treated again with de-icer this morning.  We will provide updates on road conditions as we have them.  We do know that due to below freezing temperatures, the roads remain very icy and dangerous this morning.  Please stay off the roads if possible and if you do have to drive, please take it very slow and increased your following distance.  Remove all snow and ice from your vehicle before driving. 

Please be careful using supplemental heaters. Never use charcoal grills indoors for heating or cooking to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.  If you have outdoor pets, consider bringing them inside. And most important, check in on your neighbors! 


5:45pm, Monday, February 4th

522 is good. Juanita and southbound Simonds are passable, looking better. Northbound Simonds coming down the hill still a little more difficult.  Public Works passed on some photos from around town, more on our Facebook page here:


2:00pm, Monday, February 4th

Our Public Works staff started at 2am this morning applying deicer. They, along with NUD and other agencies, have been trying to plow and treat priority roads – emergency routes and arterial roads come first.  There is a LOT of snow and resources across the region are running thin.  To put it simply, it’s not likely they will get to neighborhood streets anytime soon.

JUANITA DR– Avoid from NE 170th St to Arrowhead Dr.  The bus is still there. We know cars are attempting to navigate this road and some are getting by, but for safety reason, please avoid this road.
SIMONDS – Avoid from Juanita/68th Ave to NE 155th. Condition unsafe here. Multiple spin outs and collisions here on the hill. Simonds south of Inglemoor High School to 100th Ave NE is better, but be sure to check Kirkland, WA - Government to verify conditions also.
155th PL NE/74th Ave - downed tree blocking one lane but crews addressing now

We wish we could give estimated opening times on all roads, but just aren’t able to at this time.  We continue to monitor the projected temps and will give updates when we have them.  Unfortunately, tomorrow might be much of the same. So for now, try to stay off the roads, cuddle up with your family and check in on your vulnerable neighbors!

9:47am, Monday, February 4th

Simonds Rd closed due to multiple issues, Juanita closed from 170th to Arrowhead due to multiple issues and stuck bus. Please staff off the roads for your safety and the safety our our first responders and Public Works crews. 


8:00am, Monday, February 4th

It looks beautiful, but…with snow and ice covered roads, Kenmore Police advises you to stay off the roads if possible! Lots of spin outs and collisions across the region already.

All Northshore Schools are closed today and Republic Services will not be running waste management routes today.

Please know that Public Works is working hard on your streets. They must first clear designated citywide priority routes to accommodate emergency response, main arterials, and bus routes. If snowfall continuous, those arterials may require repeated plowing and sanding before crews can work to clear neighborhood streets.See more snow and ice information, along with the priority route map at

Please be patient with City Hall staff today if you need something, as many are delayed or telecommuting for safety reasons.

If you absolutely must drive, please take it slow! Increase your following distance and only drive if your car is property equipped.

And finally, if you have any elderly or vulnerable neighbors who might have problems in this cold weather, give them a call to check in!

For life-threatending or safety issues, call 911. 

Last updated: Wed, 02/06/2019 - 2:37pm