Watch your mailbox for more King County Metro Transit choices in Kenmore-Kirkland

Try a new way to go. The City of Kenmore has partnered with King County Metro to help you save time, money and be good to our environment. Go where you want, when you want with a whole suite of travel options, including many new ones for Kenmore-Kirkland.

TripPool — An easier way of connecting to transit! Use a smartphone app for on-demand ridesharing between your neighborhood and the local park-and- rides. Metro provides the vans and reserved parking! And, if you prefer to drive, Metro is currently recruiting volunteer drivers.
Community Van — Request a seat on a group trip already planned or work with our local Community Transportation Coordinator to propose a new trip. Ride in Metro vans with volunteer drivers. Metro is looking for trip ideas and recruiting volunteers to drive these vans, too.
VanPool — Cut the cost and stress of commuting with VanPool. A fixed group of five or more people share the ride, on a fixed schedule, from home to work. Metro provides vans and volunteer drivers.
Metro Bus — Hop on the bus and ride with easy connections throughout the region.

Watch your mailbox! King County Metro is sending Kenmore and Kirkland residents information and ideas about how to take advantage of these travel options. Or, you can learn more and get a FREE tote bag and travel map by visiting

Last updated: Fri, 01/12/2018 - 4:51pm