What is going on near the Sammamish Bridge and Rhododendron Park?

I see a lot of construction vehicles in this area. What is going on?

Northshore Utility District (NUD) contractors are currently working on a sewer main relocation project next to and east of the Sammamish River Bridge on the south side of the river/68th Ave NE. This work is to prep for the bridge replacement that will start sometime in mid-2019.

Did the City know this upcoming sewer work would be done when they were designing and constructing the boardwalk and float?

Yes! We knew about this work and planned for it. Some of the boardwalk work was intentionally left unfinished in anticipation of the current sewer project. For example, the City did not install the final layer of asphalt on the access drive. This paving work was saved for the sewer utility to complete as part of its site restoration requirements.

We are also designing a grant-funded boathouse for Rhododendron Park.  The area for the future storage shed needs to be leveled, before the pad can be constructed.  The sewer contractor is doing this and removing several feet of fill from the site, saving the City the cost of this work.

The sewer contractor will also install quarry spall rock for City use in building the future boathouse.

Temporary erosion control measures for the sewer project will also remain for the boathouse project, also saving additional city expense.

Is the current sewer work tearing up anything in this area? 

There are a lot of vehicles in this active construction area! But, the boardwalk, boarding float and pier are not impacted by the current work.
The contractor is impacting some minor things.  Any damage or issues caused by the sewer contractor will be repaired at the contractor’s expense.  For example:

The City did not know exactly when the sewer utility work would start or precisely where the new sewer line would run, so the City removed blackberries and planted native species as originally planned in 2013 for the boardwalk project. The sewer contractor has removed some of these plantings and has stockpiled them for replanting.

The sewer main contractor inadvertently damaged a small portion of the asphalt path and some curb and gutter.  They have also knocked loose a few boards from a split-rail fence. They are responsible for repairing or replacing these at their own expense.

This sewer main utility work will likely continue through the first quarter of 2019.  Park users can still access the float during construction, they just need to walk over from the Fish and Wildlife boat launch on the west side of the bridge. 

Our parks, park investments, and shorelines are important to our city; we will continue to coordinate closely with NUD on this project.   Questions about this work?  Contact either Ann Stanton, City of Kenmore, astanton@kenmorewa.gov, 425-398-8900 or the NUD at 425-398-4400. 

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Last updated: Fri, 12/14/2018 - 3:50pm