Environmental Stewards

Many volunteers take great pride in Kenmore’s parks and open spaces and volunteer to ensure these public lands are protected, properly cared for, and accessible for citizens and visitors to enjoy. This category of volunteerism includes the following volunteer opportunities.  Adoption program, such as Adopt a Park or Adopt a Street, a variety of steward positions, and park clean up volunteers. To volunteer, fill out our volunteer intake form and contact the City's Volunteer and Events Supervisor.


Park Stewards (18 years or older/ require a one-year commitment)

Park Steward is a key leadership role in assisting City staff in protecting, maintaining, and improving Kenmore’s park system. Park stewards are visible volunteers out in the community who conduct weekly park patrols to identify damage, garbage, or other issues within the park.  These stewards also lead monthly stewardship park clean-up events and supervise other volunteers.   Stewards are required to attend 6 hours of training, attend a volunteer orientation, and are encouraged to be trained in first aid and CPR.


Nature Stewards (18 years or older)

These skilled stewards help in educating the public about wildlife, plants, and environmental issues. An example of this type of steward is a Nature Walk Guide who leads a monthly walk thru a Kenmore park to educate people on the wildlife living within this park.


Native Plant Stewards (18 years and older)

The City works with the Washington Native Plant Society and King County to train volunteers in native plants and restoration techniques.  These dedicated volunteers attend a 10-week training program and agree to help lead a restoration project within Kenmore.  Stewards will supervise recruit and manage other volunteers.  They will help in developing a restoration project plan and implementing this plan.  This program is grant dependent.  Please check with the Volunteer and Events Coordinator regarding current availability and application deadlines for this Native Plant Steward Volunteer Opportunity.


Park Clean Up Events (Adults, Youth, Families, Organizations, Businesses)

Each year the City hosts 3 park clean-up events:  Parks Appreciation Day (April), Beautify Kenmore (September), and Jack Crawford Day (October).  Park Clean-up Days are a great way to get outdoors, meet other community members, and help in keeping Kenmore parks healthy and clean.  Adults, families, churches, civic groups, and businesses are encouraged to attend.  Youth groups are also invited to help in this important civic service event but require pre-approval in order to ensure proper parent approval, supervision, or insurance is in place prior to the event.   Park Clean-up events can include weeding, mulching, picking up trash, pruning, and planting.


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