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Juanita Drive Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety
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Current conditions

Juanita Drive Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Improvements

Current Status:

2017-19: Design / Permitting / Grant Applications
2020-23: Construction


Project Update:

On November 27, 2017, staff updated City Council on the design progress being made and next steps for this project. To view the presentation and meeting minutes, click here.



The Juanita Drive NE Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements project is part of The Walkways & Waterways voter-approved bond measure, and the result of the City’s “Imagine Kenmore” public outreach initiative. Kenmore residents confirmed that safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists and connecting residents with the City’s public open space and waterfront are top priorities.


Project Description:

Juanita Drive NE is an existing minor arterial roadway with mostly one travel lane in each direction and asphalt shoulders.  The posted speed is 35 mph.  Up to 250 bicycles and 15,000 vehicles use this corridor daily.  Over the past 3 years, there have been 57 reported accidents within the project limits, of which 5 involved a pedestrian or cyclist including 1 pedestrian fatality.  The roadway contains several geometric deficiencies including lack of continuous sidewalks and bicycle lanes, substandard horizontal and vertical curves, and excessive super-elevation. 


This safety project extends from NE 143rd Street to NE 170th Street and consists of the following features: 

  • New sidewalk and landscaped amenity zone on the east side of the roadway;
  • Buffered bicycle lanes in each direction;
  • Bus stop improvements;
  • Road widening for turn pockets at select locations

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  • Retaining walls;
  • Road reconstruction in areas with asphalt overlay;
  • New stormwater infrastructure;
  • Improved street lighting and;
  • Traffic signal modifications and utility relocation as needed.  



This project is partially funded by the Walkways and Waterways Bond Measure and will require State and Federal grant funding to complete the project.  Based on the funding availability, the project may be constructed in phases.


Secured funding:

Walkways and Waterways Bond Measure: $5M

WSDOT Pedestrian and Bicycle Program Grant:  $525,600

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