West Sammamish River Bridge Replacement

Current Status:

Design Start:  May 2015
Design: Completed
Construction Estimated Start: Winter 2020


Despite numerous agencies best efforts following the January 2019 government shutdown, critical timelines were not met to secure all of the project permits to start construction in 2019 and comply with our construction period limitations. To avoid any undue construction complications, the City has decided it is in the best interest of the project to postpone construction start to the winter of 2020.


The City hosted an open house event on January 26, 2017. Bridge concepts, potential construction sequencing, and some brief history were presented. The presentation slideshow is available for viewing under "Documents" at the left. There is also an expectation that recreational activities will have some potential impacts. These were discussed at the open house. Information about de minimus impacts is also included under "Documents" at the left.


An open house was also held on July 20, 2017 to discuss impacts to river traffic during construction. Impacts are likely to consist of occasional closures of the river to boat traffic during the evening hours. There will also be intermittent short term closures and/or delays in crossing under the bridge. The access road under the bridge (connecting Rhododendron Park and Kenmore Boat Launch) will be closed for the duration of construction.

The City will host one final open house prior to construction start to introduce the public to the construction team and to provide information about the construction plan, schedule, and impacts to the public.


The West Sammamish River Bridge carries southbound traffic over the Sammamish River on 68th Ave NE. The bridge was constructed in the 1930s and nears the end of its life. Over the past year, the City has increased monitoring of the structure, and in March of 2014 Council-approved weight restrictions went into effect. The City has completed a scour analysis (underwater erosion of soil around the piers), geotechnical review, and a load limit study. The southbound bridge is currently load restricted until the bridge is replaced.


Project Description:

The project will replace the existing west bridge (southbound travel lanes) with a new structure. Work will also involve replacing the approaches to the bridge between NE 170th St and NE 175th St and new sidewalks along the east side of 68th Ave NE.



The project is currently estimated to cost $35.8 million dollars. The project is funded by the FHWA's Highway Bridge Programs for $12M, Transportation Improvement Board funding for $6.9M, federal STP funds of $1.6M and the Connecting Washington State fund for $8M. Local Kenmore funds, Northshore Utility District and other utilities within the project limits will also contribute to the project funding.


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