Surface Water Management (SWM)



The Surface Water Management Division of Public Works (SWM) is responsible for the comprehensive management of the City's man-made and natural surface water systems.  The overarching goal of SWM is to develop, maintain, and improve a surface water system that serves the community, enhances the quality of life, and protects the environment.  SWM staff work diligently to ensure that public surface water and stormwater systems continue to function properly, which include over 4,550 catch basins and manholes, 69 miles of drainage pipes, 13 miles of ditches, and over 200 flow control and water quality facilities.  The City also contains numerous privately owned and maintained surface water and stormwater systems, which SWM staff inspect and regulate, including an additional 2,400 catch basins and manholes, 47.5 miles of drainage pipes, 6 miles of ditches, and 130 flow control and water quality facilities.  Additionally, the City has abundant natural resources, including hundreds of acres of forests, wetlands, and floodplains and several miles of shoreline, including Lake Washington, Sammamish River and numerous smaller streams.  These natural resources are located throughout the City on both public and private lands.


What is Surface Water Management?

Goal: Develop, maintain, manage, and improve a surface water system that serves the community, enhances the quality of life, and protects the environment (Surface Water Element of 2014 Comprehensive Plan).


In Washington, most municipalities are permitted under the National Pollutant Discharge and Elimination System, or NPDES, to discharge stormwater into “waters of the state”. This permit sets forth guidelines and requirements for municipalities to follow ensuring that they are discharging the cleanest water possible into Washington’s lakes, rivers, and Puget Sound. The system of components that make up Kenmore's drainage system (such as pipes and ditches) is referred to as a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System or MS4.  The Permit authorizes Kennore to collect stormwater in the MS4 and discharge it into Waters of the State.


Questions about our new Surface Water Management Fee Model?


The SWM Division provides all surface water and stormwater related services for the City of Kenmore.  Please note that SWM is not associated with the water and sewer district currently providing water and sewer service within the City.  Please refer to Northshore Utility District for questions regarding your water and sewer services and they can be reached at (425) 398-4400.




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