Public Works - City Infrastructure

The Public Works Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the City's infrastructure including streets, traffic (signs & markings and traffic signals), surface water and parks. Public Works is also involved in the design and construction of the City's capital projects.

Public Works services are provided to the community through a variety of contracts with private contractors and public agencies. As a contract City, Kenmore is able to choose between several outside agencies and private contractors to take advantage of each vendor's abilities. Kenmore's partnership with the City of Lake Forest Park Public Works has proven to be effective in providing public works services such as street sweeping and asphalt repair.


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There are over 110 miles of street in the public street system. The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the street system including pavement management, street sweeping, shoulder maintenance, snow & ice removal, and bridge maintenance.

Freshly Paved StreetPavement Management Program

The City's Pavement Management Program, including asphalt overlay, is part of a maintenance plan designed to prolong the life of city streets. Streets are selected for resurfacing and other paved surface treatments using a pavement management program that rates the conditions of city streets, which allows the City to prioritize streets for maintenance. Streets are then grouped together by location to minimize cost associated with mobilization of paving crews. Read more here

Street Sweeper
Street Sweeping

During the fall and winter months arterial streets are swept monthly and residential streets are swept every other month. This schedule begins in mid to late October and continues through January. The street sweeping program not only keeps streets clean, it also keeps debris from blocking storm drains and ditches helping to minimize flooding.

four way intersection with cars


Street Sign

If you know of a damaged, missing, or down sign or if you would like to inquire about having a new sign installed, please contact the Public Works Department at 425-398-8900 or submit a Citizen Action Request.



Arterials are striped twice a year and neighborhood collectors are striped annually. Please submit a Citizen Action Request if you have any questions or concerns regarding striping.



The City maintains the traffic signals at three intersections through a contract with King County. Please submit a Citizen Action Requst if you have any questions or concerns regarding the following traffic signals:

  • NE 170th St & 68th Ave NE
  • NE 153rd St & Juanita Dr NE
  • NE 155th St & Simonds Rd NE

The traffic signals on SR 522 and the remaining signals in the City are maintained by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). For questions regarding the operation or timing of these signals, please contact WSDOT at 206-440-4490.

Nonfunctioning traffic signal: Occasionally a traffic light becomes nonfunctional (commonly called ‘dark intersections') for various reasons, e.g. power outage, traffic standard damaged, etc. Since this is not a common occurrence it can be confusing for motorists who are not sure on which rules of the road apply. Washington State Law, RCW 46.61.183, specifically addresses intersections with nonfunctioning lights indicating they shall be considered to be an “All way stop.” After stopping, the driver shall yield the right of way in accordance with RCW 46.61.180 (1) (vehicles approaching intersections) and 46.61.185 (vehicles turning left).

The City’s policy is not to have police officers flag traffic at intersections with nonfunctional lights for several reasons:

  • The major intersections along the Bothell Way corridor would take multiple police officers, at each intersection, to safely direct traffic and would greatly hinder our ability to respond to 911 calls for service; and
  • Once flagging at intersections with nonfunctional lights begin then liability attaches to the city if officers have to leave the flagging for any reason.

We appreciate your patience and understanding, as we need to look at our overall responsibility to be able to quickly respond to emergency calls for service.



Streetlight out? Please take time to report burned-out or malfunctioning streetlights. Intolight (a subsidiary of Puget Sound Energy) maintains the streetlights within the City of Kenmore. Each light standard has an identifying pole number at eye-level or slightly higher. To report a streetlight outage, please call 1-877-229-1235 or visit and select "LIGHTS OUT". If you do not know the pole number, you can provide the intersection or street address.


Storm DrainSurface Water

The Public Works Department maintains the public drainage system consisting of catch basins, conveyance pipe, detention ponds, tanks and vaults. If you have a surface water concern, please call 425-398-8900.

Play GroundParks

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of six parks including: Rhododendron Park, Tracy Owen Station at Log Boom Park, Linwood Park, Northshore Summit Park, Swamp Creek Park, and Wallace Swamp Creek Park. Moorlands Park is maintained by Northshore School District. Get more info

Solid Waste and Recycling Links


Hazardous Waste

The Wastemobile has been serving King County residents for the past 25 years. Don't trash your hazardous waste! Take it to the Wastemobile for free instead. View the schedule here
Ciscoe Morris talks to Julie Mitchell, Wastemobile Project Manager, about not throwing household hazardous products in the trash but properly disposing of them at the Wastemobile. Watch the video here



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