Traffic Alerts

Please check the list below to stay up to date on projects and maintenance which may affect traffic around Kenmore.

We will do our best to add updated information as it becomes available. Please note that private projects and work done by other agencies such as utility companies may not be listed.

Start dates and project durations may be revised due to weather, contractor schedules or other circumstances.

 Date Posted Description  Location  Duration  Links 
6/23/15 Street Closure Alert, Saturday June 27 181st Street between 68th Ave NE and 67th Ave NE  June 27 from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.  News Release 
6/23/15 City of Lake Forest Park Lyon Creek Flood Mitigation Project (replacement of 4 culverts) NE Bothell Way in LFP, Ballinger Way in LFP June 16, 2015 through October 15, 2015 Project Page
6/19/15 68th Ave NE asphalt overlay 68th Ave NE from NE 182nd St to NE 198th St. Beginning mid-June and lasting approximately 2 weeks News release
9/25/14 Curb, sidewalk, and pedestrian signal revisions with closures to curb ramps and BAT (transit) lanes SR 522/NE Bothell Way at 73rd Ave NE, 77th Ct NE, 80th Ave NE, & 83rd Pl NE Beginning Monday, 10/6/14 and lasting approximately 4 weeks Project Page
9/5/14 Expansion joint repair on the southbound lanes of the Sammamish River Bridge 68th Ave NE between NE 175th St and NE 170th St (Simonds Rd NE) Beginning Saturday, 9/6/14 and lasting 1 day (7am to 7pm) News Release 
8/26/14 80th Ave NE Overlay: Prep work, grinding, grading, paving, traffic markings, utility adjustments 80th Ave NE between NE 177th Ct to the northern City limits at NE 205th St Beginning in Mid-September and lasting approximately 3 weeks Project Page
8/5/14 Tributary 0057 Channel Relocation: Installation of a box culvert crossing under roadway NE 170th St/Simonds Rd approximately 300 feet east of 72nd Ave NE Beginning Monday 8/4/14 and lasting approximately 2 months Project Page
8/8/14 Juanita Drive NE Overlay: Prep work, grinding, grading, paving, traffic markings, utility adjustments Juanita Drive NE between south end of Sammamish River Bridge and southern City limits at NE 143rd St Beginning Monday 8/11/14 and lasting approximately 3 weeks Project Page
7/3/14  Washington State Department of Transportation maintenance work on SR 522: grind and pave alligator cracks SR 522/NE Bothell Way near 61st Ave NE (left 2 westbound lanes) Beginning Monday 7/7/14 through Thursday 7/10/14 Traffic Alert 
6/24/14 Snohomish County Paving Project: grinding and paving several roads near northern Kenmore city limits Please see link to the right for full list of roads Beginning Monday 6/23/14 and lasting approximately 2 weeks Project Alert
6/13/14 61st Ave NE Re-Channelization: Removal of existing painted pavement markings including hydroblasting and installation of new markings 61st Ave NE between the 18100 Block and 19400 Block Beginning Sunday 6/15/14 and lasting approximately 2 nights (7pm to 5 am)  Project Notification
6/13/14  Traffic Revision: New stop signs, traffic revision signage & flags, and thermoplastic roadway markings Intersection of 67th Ave NE and NE 181st St in the east and west bound lanes Installation the week of 6/9/14 Traffic Alert
6/1/14 Juanita Safety Improvement Project: improve visibility of signal heads, install pedestrian push buttons, construct new sidewalk ramps   1. Juanita Drive NE at Simonds Rd NE (NE 170th ST) 
2. Juanita Drive NE at NE 153rd Place
Beginning in June 2014 and complete by September 1, 2014 Project Page
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