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The Walkways & Waterways proposed bond measure is the result of the City’s “Imagine Kenmore” public outreach initiative. This initiative began last summer and included a number of public meetings, online interactive methods, and two randomized statistically valid phone surveys to solicit public input on priorities for pedestrian and cyclist safety and park improvements. Results from this outreach effort concluded that sidewalks and bike lanes on major roads and connecting residents with the City’s public waterfront are top priorities. The Walkways & Waterways project list below reflects the results of the outreach effort.


If approved, Proposition 1 would fund the following projects selected from the Imagine Kenmore initiative over the next seven years:

  1. 68th Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety: New sidewalks and bike lanes on 68th Avenue connecting downtown Kenmore at 182nd Street to the northern city limits (where 62nd Avenue intersects with Locust Way). This project will link with the recently funded Safe Routes to School sidewalks near Kenmore Junior High. Click here for more details.
  2. Juanita Drive Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety: New sidewalks and bike lanes on Juanita Drive from the Kirkland city limit north to 170th Street/Simonds Road. The new sidewalks will be on the east side of Juanita Drive. Other improvements include road widening at certain segments, including the curve at 153rd Street, and adding or extending selected left turn lanes. Juanita Drive is a corridor of regional significance and should compete well for State and Federal grant funds. The $5 million in the proposed bond measure for Juanita Drive will serve as a local match for the grant funding, which increases likelihood of receiving grants for the project. Click here for more details.
  3. Log Boom Park Waterfront Access and Viewing: Improve public access to Lake Washington including beach expansion, new trails and viewpoints, picnic areas, waterfront pavilion, environmental shoreline and wetland enhancements, and boating facilities. Click here for more details.
  4. Rhododendron Park Waterfront and Natural Open Space Access: Improve public access to the Sammamish River by constructing a new trail and boardwalk to connect the existing playfield through the natural open space to the riverfront and future dock. The project will also include improving the access drive and parking near the river, as well as environmental enhancements to the shoreline and wetlands. Click here for more details. 
  5. Squire’s Landing Park Waterfront and Natural Open Space Access: Improve public water access to the Sammamish River. Improvements will include new boardwalks, trails, and viewpoints, as well as natural open space and other environmental enhancements. The project will also add new boating facilities including docks, ramps, and staging areas for hand powered watercraft; parking; and a restroom. Click here for more details.


Walkways and Waterways Project Map


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